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Telephone Banking

Prefer Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking for fast and secure banking services, save time!

Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking provides uninterrupted best experience in all calls with fast services and customer representatives’ expert in their field.

Without any need for any registration or application, you can contact us through 0850 222 0 800. If you wish, you can use our voice response system or contact our customer representatives to access your information, apply for products, execute transactions with low commissions and experience our proactive customer approach.

Which transactions can be executed through Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking?

Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking has been renewed in order to simplify your lives!

We now recognize you in our voice response system, guess your reason for calling and offer reminders and solutions unique for you without you having to request.

Please click for transactions you can perform through our renewed voice response system.

Please click for transactions you can perform by contacting our customer representatives.

How can I apply to Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking?

After you become a customer of our Bank, you can start performing transactions by calling us through our telephone line 0850 222 0 800 without any need for registration or application.

If you contact us through your mobile phone registered in our system, you can define fast contact with your card password and experience the comfort of fast service by only dialling your password without having to enter your card number.

How can I set my voice signature?

Your voice is your signature!

You can use your voice as your signature thanks to voice signature technology of DenizBank which is unique in the Turkish banking sector and perform your transactions with a higher level of security.

Voice signature is an application developed based on the principle that human voice is unique just as the retina and fingerprints. For voice signature, you can save your voice by repeating a pre-defined sentence three times and use your voice signature in your following calls.

Are transaction fees and limits different from other channels?

Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking offers advantageous transaction fees. Please call us from 0850 222 0 800 for fast, easy and low cost transactions!

Please click for transaction fees and limits.

Our new number is at your service

We now offer our fast, uninterrupted and high quality services through our new number.

You can access all services of Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking from 08502220800 and through our new number 0850 222 0 800.

Advantages our new number offer

  • Access is easer from abroad, you call us by only dialing 0850 222 0 800.
  • If you call us from 0850 222 0 800 through your mobile phone, calls will be charged in scope of your package. For customers who don’t use packages, calls will be charged via the tariff that the fixed telecommunication services of the operator of call.

You can reach us through the following channels

  • 0850 222 0 801 Customer First line,

Customer Satisfaction Form on Web

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